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2nd York ~ Thompson's Coy.

Who We Are

2nd York (2nd Regiment of York Militia, also known as Thompson's Company), is a group of living history enthusiasts who, through research and living history, recreate the lives of soldiers and civilians of historic Mississauga during the War of 1812.

During the war, 2nd York was a militia company that served in multiple battles and in other capacities.  Our reenactment company is named in honour of Captain William Thompson, who served with the 2nd York during the war (


Our reenactment company was formed to honour the contributions of volunteer militiamen, Indigenous warriors and civilians from historic Mississauga (then known as Toronto Township). Many of them were present at and participated in many of the battles in the War of 1812 along the Niagara frontier, including at Fort Detroit, Fort Erie, Fort George, Fort York, Lundy’s Lane, Queenston Heights, St. David’s and Stoney Creek.


Thompson’s Company functions, in part, as an educational and living history subcommittee of Heritage Mississauga. 2nd York participates both in local community events and in reenactments across Southern Ontario.

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What Do We Do


Military Reenactments

The 2nd regiment of York Militia-Thompson's Company, regularly participates in War of 1812 re-enactments and tacticalss. The bulk of our reenactment activity is in the Niagara region though events also occur in south-eastern Ontario and Upstate New York, Ohio and Michigan.  We encourage you to come out, thrill to the crash of muskets, enjoy a stroll through the camp, and time-travel with us over two-hundred years into our past.


Thompson's Company isn't only soldiers! We also have a good contingent of women, men and children who portray civilians and 'camp-followers'.  Some of these civilians act as period interpreters and craftsmen within our group. From military encampments to Regency finery, we strive to represent this pivitol period of Upper Canada's history as well as all aspects of early 19th Century life... Families are VERY welcome as we have places and roles for young and old!


Mississauga's heritage

2nd York-Thompson's Company, is a sub-committee of Heritage Mississauga, Mississauga's heritage authority.  Heritage Mississauga provides a valuable insight into the city and is a resource for Misissauga's past, present and future. Our shared heritage is an important element in fostering and maintaining Mississauga’s sense of community, pride and history. Together with the support of community groups, corporations and individuals, Heritage Mississauga continue to accept the challenge of promoting awareness of the community’s heritage.

Living History

The 2nd York Militia is a living history group in that we endevour to be as faithful as possible in demonstrating life in historic Mississauga and in the War of 1812.  In our displays, our clothing, food, activities and in our research, our desire is to educate the public through a tangible, interactive experience.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about 2nd York.

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