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2023 ~ 2nd York Events ~ 2023

2nd York will be taking part in a myriad of events throughout 2023!

We will be participating in several reenactments in Southern Ontario this year, including at the Battle of Stoney Creek (June 3-4), the Battle of Fort George (July 15-16) and at the Siege of Fort Erie (August 12-13).


 We will also be at local events in Mississauga, including the Ward 11 Community BBQ at the Streetsville Legion (June 24) and the Ward 3 Community BBQ (and our annual Summer Drill) at Fleetwood Park (July 29).

And, of course, we eagerly look forward to the return of the Engagement at Bradley War of 1812 weekend here in Mississauga (October 14-15).


Also, remember to check for information for our own event here in Mississauga - the Engagement at Bradley 1812 weekend!


Come and see us and cheer on the green coats! 


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