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The Yorker Gazette - Volume 2

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Do you know what you had to do when you needed to grease someone in the fist? How would you be dressed if you were Upper Canada militiaman in the 1812? What nationality would be your fellow soldiers when you were besieging Fort Erie in the summer of 1814? And what exactly happened in May 1809 on the banks of the Douro River near Porto?

Don't know?

Then keep on reading! In the Volume 2 of The Yorker Gazette you can read all about it, and much more.

As we are getting ready for the summer and the prospect of re-enactment events is finally getting somewhat more real, we hope that the selection of articles we have compiled for you, will help you get through the waiting.

The Yorker Gazette - Volume 2
Download PDF • 742KB

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