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The Yorker Gazette - Volume 4

Hello friends,

With Christmas around the corner we have managed to squeeze in one more volume of our Gazette just in time for the Holidays. With the list of our contributors growing, we again bring you articles on wide variety of topics - Early Christmas traditions in Upper Canada, role of camp followers on campaign, biographies of Peter Adamson, veteran of Peninsular war who later settled in Toronto township and helped establish some of the new communities here; and of Simon Titus Green, Officer of 2nd York Militia and later of Incorporated Militia. Included are reports from events recent - HMS Pickle Dinner; as well as past - Battle of Fuentes De Onoro, and some more...

As before, we hope that our Gazette might help you get through these tough times.

We would like to wish to all our readers and friends Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year!


The Yorker Gazette - Volume 4
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